Ocvir 400mg + Novia 400mg Tablets

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This bundle offer includes a pack of 4x7 Ocvir (Sofosbuvir) 400 mg and 10 Novia (Ribavirin) 400 mg tablets at a discounted price. You can save Rs.1, 015.20 on the total price with this offer.


  1. To buy these tablets, customers are required to send the scanned copy of a doctor's prescription on our Whatsapp Number: 0308-2686444.
  2. Prescriptions by only a registered medical practitioner will be accepted.
  3. The tablets will be delivered to the customer at the provided address.

Bundle Details:

Ocvir (Sofosbuvir) 400mg Tablets
1 x 4X7 Tablets-0
Rs 4,987.80
Rs 5,868.00
Novia (Ribavirin) 400mg Tablets
9 x 10 Tablets-126
Rs 765.00
Rs 900.00
TOTAL: Rs 5,752.80 6,768.00

You save Rs 1,015.20

Rs 5,752.80 Rs 6,768.00

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